Saetta, Performance Megayacht Model From Tankoa Yachts

Tankoa Yachts seems to have a need for speed. In its second shift toward fast yachts, the shipyard has the ready-to-build Saetta concept, promising a 28-knot top end.

The new project bears the formal name of the Tankoa S533 Saetta. The numeral designation reflects the LOA of 53 meters, or 173’9”. As mentioned above, she’s not Tankoa’s first proposal making fast work out of getting from harbor to harbor. In 2016, it unveiled the Tankoa 58M Open. At half load, that project (still on paper) should see 28 to 30 knots.

Not too surprising, the Saetta concept comes in collaboration with the same designer as the 58M Open: Francesco Paszkowski Design. Paszkowski is renowned for forceful yet streamlined styling. Those lines come into play with this new yacht, too. See, for example, the arches defining the profile most noticeable alongside the upper deck (top). You’ll also find increasingly popular picture-window-like ports benefitting interior spaces. Paszkowski himself likens it to the “sensation of an endless horizon.”

Tankoa Yachts S533 Saetta megayacht

Tankoa so far isn’t publicly revealing a proposed general arrangement. Regardless, boasting a beam of 30’2” (9.2 meters), the Saetta should handily accommodate an owner’s party of 10 to 12.

The big emphasis, though, is on the performance. Triple 16V MTUs sit below decks, coupled to two KaMeWa waterjets and a third booster KaMeWa waterjet. As a result, Tankoa says, the Saetta should ramp up to a 24-knot cruise and 28-knot maximum speed. (Both speeds are under half-load conditions.)

One drawback to fast yachts is range. Interestingly, though, Tankoa claims the yacht can still cruise at a good clip and achieve better distances than some others. In fact, it says range is 1,200 nautical miles at 17 knots. Of course, it does trail off quite a lot at the more economical speed of 12 knots. Then, range is 600 miles.

Whatever speed a buyer needs, Tankoa’s Saetta can take them to shallow anchorages. Draft is a mere 5’6” (1.7 meters).

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