5 Must-Have Superyacht Entertainment Systems

Editor’s note: High-end and highly tailored onboard entertainment experiences are in demand. Enjoying movies as if you’re in the midst of the action, listening to concert-quality music, and more are all possible. We asked the technology specialists at VBH to share the must-have superyacht entertainment systems and solutions. The company has designed and integrated AV and IT on more than 200 yachts. You might just be surprised at the potential awaiting you.

The ultimate luxury is having everything tailored especially for you. That requires deep thinking, to discover what’s important to you. That’s why we spend time understanding how an owner intends to use her or his yacht—who will live there, and what they are likely to do. From our experience, these solutions offer unique possibilities to personalize your yacht.

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1. Watching movies. One of the most frequent onboard activities is watching movies or sports with a group. To make this exciting and special, we recommend 4K screens or 4K projectors. In addition, consider that often, you’re in the sunniest zones of the world. Therefore, you need a screen that’s bright enough and can deliver good contrast. Furthermore, 3D sound truly makes a movie immersive. With over 11 speakers placed around you, you can enjoy being in the moment itself. You really have to experience this to understand how awesome it is! This type of speaker installation requires careful planning and calibration. By knowing up front you want this, you can have the design team take it into account early.

2. Party onboard. How about an exclusive party on your own yacht (above)? Lights, sounds, special effects; anything is possible. One of the challenges of a party outside is to get enough sound pressure. Many different solutions exist, depending on your yacht and musical preferences. Also, decide whether you want a permanent setup or one easy to arrange and stow later. The trick is to find a proper balance between available space and the impact you want to create. You can even hide technology James Bond style.

3. Infotainment. Infotainment solutions are definitely must-have superyacht entertainment systems. They provide a pleasurable way of exploring your destination and making plans. You can learn about restaurants, special sites, and even weather or water conditions to prepare for sport activities. For your guests, infotainment is additionally a wonderful way to get to know the yacht better. By exploring the itinerary digitally, reviewing time of arrival, or reading the menu of the day, they quickly feel more at home. Ready-made and custom infotainment solutions are all possible.

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4. Interactive video walls. Sometimes what you want isn’t readily available, so our designers love the challenge of making things possible. We’ve delivered many types of interactive backdrops. Some, for example, create special moods (above). Others are interactive information displays, games (at top), even art. We’ve applied them in elevators, and as LED facades on the exterior. We’ve developed bespoke interactive information systems for engine-room corridors, too.

5. Wifi and streaming at sea. Being online is so normal these days, you don’t even think about it. More and more people consume content via streaming options like iTunes and Netflix. On yachts, though, strong internet isn’t as simple as it is in your home. That’s why solutions depend on where you want to go and what you tend to do. Options differ when you stay close to shore versus head out on the ocean. How often you travel out as well as your internet needs help determine things like the number and positioning of satellite domes. For explorers heading to even more remote places, the requirements are more specific. For instance, you need C-band if you travel to the poles. Finally, different subscriptions are available in different regions, for bandwidth options.

Whatever superyacht entertainment solutions you choose, obviously you want to keep everything working right. As technologies develop so fast, it’s hard to have people onboard who know everything. Service providers (our company included, with three global offices) can help deliver spares and upgrades, provide remote solutions, and more. Especially if you have a charter yacht, downtime is cost.

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  1. Dear Editor,
    Thank you for this article. I think, here is really a trend. Whereas most are still furnishing yachts conservatively, AV technology is moving in for some time. What was not mentioned, is a trend for outdoor cinema and generally the use of LED technology, i.e. self emmitting diodes producing images and so mastering the challenge of nice pictues in bright ambient light conditions as mentioned in the article.

    Alexander K. Prill
    International Sales Director, LANG AG (whole-seller of professional video equipment)

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