First Look Inside Q95, Mangusta Oceano 46 (VIDEO)

Tigers and leopards on a yacht? Yes. They’re part of the opulent interior of Q95, hull number one of the Oceano 46 from Mangusta. The interior was a well-kept secret… until now.

This first Oceano 46 slipped into salt water in March. At the time, the shipyard didn’t disclose interior details. It simply mentioned that the 151-footer (46-meter) accommodated an owner’s party of 12. Mangusta also focused attention on the semi-custom series’ performance. The Oceano 46 features a steel hull and prioritizes longer range and more fuel-efficient cruising than the maxi yachts long making up Mangusta’s manufacturing. The shipyard anticipated a 12-knot cruise at half load, powered by twin 1,527-hp MTUs. It further expected a range of about 4,000 nautical miles at that speed.

Alberto Mancini, the interior designer for the series, naturally worked with the owner of Q95 to personalize the spaces. Now that we’re finally getting a look at them, those spaces show off distinct personality. From patterned soles to backlit stone and a variety of inlays, there are plenty of details. Q95 additionally shows off rich woods and intricately detailed conversation pieces, such as the above-mentioned tigers. They appear in the dining area.

Other previously undisclosed features are visible, too. One is the flip-up hatch flanking the master balcony. This turns the area into an all the more enjoyable private oasis. The balcony is still usable with the hatch down, though, due to a port fitted in it. Still in the master suite, Q95 has three skylights, brightening the stone-surrounded shower. Elsewhere in that bath, a leopard, comprised of tiles, appears on a wall.

Note, too, the alfresco attractions. Q95 has a foredeck pool, for instance. As you would expect, the upper deck (one of three decks) is dedicated to open-air enjoyment. Sunbeds, observation pedestal chairs, and more await use.

Welcome onboard:

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