Step Aboard Enigma, the 35-Knot Superyacht: VIDEO

Quite private, and therefore with an air of mystery, Enigma is nonetheless one of the more fascinating megayachts afloat. Her 244-foot (74.5-meter) length is as impressive today as it was at delivery in 1991, an era when yachts half her size were eyebrow-raising. Her styling and engineering put her in a category by herself, too. Continue reading

Vard 1 – 08 Kilkea: Sir Shackleton Would Be Proud

Superyacht buyers seeking a boat truly suited to rugged explorations may be intrigued by a conversion project available for sale. She’s referred to as “Vard 1 – 08 Kilkea,” and she’s intended to cruise weeks at a time away from shore. “Vard” is the shipyard where the partially built 268-footer (81.7-meter) is currently lying. Vard Continue reading

PHOTO: Jeff Brown

Med-Minded? Malahne Is Excellent Charter Option

Many megayachts are available for charter in the Med each summer. So how do you choose one from another? Better put, how does a charter broker match you to one versus another? If you have classic sensibilities, Edmiston believes one megayacht rises above the rest: Malahne. Malahne doesn’t just look classic. She is a classic, Continue reading