Sanlorenzo’s “Experienced Yachts,” Pre-Owned Certification Program

Plain and simple, the brokerage market across a spectrum of sizes is still pretty full. Whether a trade-in sitting at a shipyard or a traditional sales listing, the yachts are also of varying conditions. Sanlorenzo is among myriad builders that have taken trade-ins that haven’t budged due to this brokerage glut. Rather than wait for global economies to recover, Sanlorenzo borrowed a page from the automotive sector. Why not create a pre-owned program wherein the yachts are spiffed up and buyers are given a guarantee?

Thus Sanlorenzo’s Experienced Yachts was born.

Experienced Yachts is the first program of its type in the yachting sector that we’re aware of, on a few levels. First, it’s offered by a shipyard. Every staff member of Experienced Yachts comes from one of Sanlorenzo’s in-house departments, such as fiberglass, joinery, or mechanical. Second, it involves not just Sanlorenzo builds, but also other brands. (A quick look at the Experienced Yachts website reveals there’s a total of about two dozen yachts, with most being built by yards other than Sanlorenzo.) And, Experienced Yachts entails a pretty thorough checklist of systems that are inspected and, if required, repaired or replaced.

Sanlorenzo says it worked with RINA to establish Experienced Yachts’ procedures. They start with reviewing more than 450 different items throughout the yacht. Each item is documented, including information on testing and the signature of an Experienced Yachts employee. Whether a yacht is in good shape or poor, she gets engine and genset checks, plus thorough cleaning of grey- and black-water tanks as well as the bilge. The yacht is hauled so that the hull and props can be inspected, too. Sacrificial anodes are replaced, and new antifouling paint goes on, too. Then, sea trials occur to capture speed and engine-performance data. Oil samples are taken for analysis as well.

Once all these steps are taken, the Experienced Yachts team will compile a list of the item(s) needing refurbishment or repair. Once the overhaul is completed, one last test takes place to make sure everything is okay. Then, Experienced Yachts delivers the yacht to the new owner.

Furthermore, anyone purchasing an Experienced Yachts yacht or megayacht can get a variety of free maintenance services for a year. Sanlorenzo’s shipyard in Ameglia will take care of hull cleaning, anodes changing, repainting of antifouling, and filter and bilge cleaning. If that location isn’t convenience, Sanlorenzo says there are also authorized agents to perform the work.

If you’re interested in inspecting an Experienced Yachts offering, there are yachts in the marina adjacent to the Ameglia yard, and in Porto Mirabello in La Spezia.

To obtain further information about Experienced Yachts directly from the team, please fill out our contact form.

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