CRN to Launch Its Largest Megayacht, Christened Chopi Chopi

PHOTOS: Maurizio Paradisi

Come January 12, 2013, CRN will splash its largest-ever megayacht, the 262’5” (80-meter) Chopi Chopi.

Equally significant are Chopi Chopi’s beam and volume: 44’3” (13.5 meters) and 2,400 tons, respectively. The images here give you a good idea of her overall stature. Also consider it was nearly a three-day process to get Chopi Chopi to the launch platform from her build shed. CRN started moving her outside on Monday, then installed the mast, since there wasn’t enough overhead clearance indoors to do so. A hydraulic lift then began transiting her toward the slipway yesterday (above), and today she was moved a bit more (below), onto that ramp.

Chopi Chopi represents the 129th megayacht hull built by CRN. A steel and aluminum project, she bears naval architecture by CRN’s in-house team and styling by Zuccon International Project. The general arrangement of the interior is also by Zuccon International Project, with Laura Sessa Romboli and CRN Centro Stile executing the interior design.

Decor details haven’t been revealed yet, but Chopi Chopi does have a few interesting twists on traditional megayacht layouts. All guest staterooms are on the main deck, for example, and the master suite is on the upper deck. The master is part of an entire owner’s deck, with direct access from the helipad.

We’ll be at the launch of Chopi Chopi and will have more on her then.

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