Fiberglass Hacker-Craft—Yes, Fiberglass!—at Yacht & Brokerage Show

Hacker-Crafts have been hand-built of mahogany for 100-plus years… so why would Hacker Boat Company launch a fiberglass model? Simple: because it was asked. The first production-series fiberglass Hacker-Craft is in the water, and you can be among the buyers.

If you’re a purist, never fear. Hacker-Craft is not abandoning its roots and foregoing boats like the one pictured at top. The fiberglass Hacker-Craft, below, is a special edition. In recent years, the company has fielded a number of inquiries for the lower-maintenance material. It has even custom-made one or two for some clients; this is the first wider-market fiberglass model.


On display at this week’s Yacht & Brokerage Show—alongside a more traditional mahogany boat—the fiberglass Hacker-Craft measures 27 feet (8.2 meters) LOA. Due to her construction material, she’s 3,320 pounds, a little lighter than her mahogany sisters. She still has the room and features you’d expect of a Hacker-Craft. Beam is 7’3” (2.2 meters), and draft is a shallow-water-friendly 2’4” (0.73 meter). Underwater LEDs make her stand out at night, and a swim platform and boarding package make climbing in and out of the water simpler. You can play your favorite tunes on the four-speaker stereo while showing off a gleaming engine compartment to curious on-lookers at the dock. Pricing: $325,000.

The new fiberglass Hacker-Craft is being received with mixed reviews on the builder’s Facebook page. “As a company you have to compete and this is a really cool first bid. Well done,” writes one fan. “Great for salt water! And 300-foot yachts’ bellies!” comments another. Dissenters, however, strongly protest: “The only Hacker is a wood Hacker—bleach bottles need not to apply,” writes one person. Adds another, “Pretty is only skin deep, and yes she is. Character, however, resides in the soul and Hacker, Chris, Gar, and Lyman are wood. It seems you’ve lost your way.”

What are your thoughts? Should Hacker-Crafts only be made of mahogany? Or, is change okay?

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