80-Meter Nobiskrug Coming in 2019

We’ll have to wait a while before seeing her full profile. But, a 262-footer (80-meter) started taking shape in Germany last week. The yet-unnamed 80-meter Nobiskrug marked her keel laying in a ceremony attended by her happy owner.

80-meter Nobiskrug

Holger Kahl, managing director of Nobiskrug, put the ceremony into perspective quite eloquently. “This happy occasion indicates the start of the hull assembly of the superyacht—when, for the first time, she is considered to have a soul,” he remarked. He also noted that generally speaking, the ceremony brings good luck to not just the yacht for her cruising life, but also those who voyage aboard. Furthermore, speaking of luck, the owner handed over a coin that the yard team placed beneath the keel. In keeping with maritime tradition, the youngest apprentice at Nobiskrug had the honor of hammering the first nail (above). The coin will eventually return luck to the owner, when he begins cruising aboard. (The coin won’t remain part of the yacht, though. Also in keeping with tradition, the craftspeople remove it as the project nears delivery. They then give the coin back to the owner.)

The 80-meter Nobiskrug is actually farther along in the construction process than simply having a keel. The image at top shows an 80-ton section of her hull. Nobiskrug constructs multiple hull sections in climate-controlled sheds, joining them together for the full hull.

Nobiskrug is not releasing most details about the megayacht. For now, the shipyard will only say that her styling and interior design reflect “unique design features.” In particular, glass plays a special role. No interior designer, stylist, or naval architect is publicly named.

Delivery is set for 2019.

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