Elaldrea+ Is for Fun Plus More

Mathematical equations lie at the heart of every yacht. Engineering a yacht to travel transatlantic, for example, requires various calculations. A pretty simple calculation lies at the heart of Elaldrea+ in a different sense. Her owner commissioned her from Benetti for family travel, plus more. That adds up to a newly delivered megayacht made to put smiles on their faces.

Horacio Bozzo Design styled the 160-foot (48.77-meter) megayacht with a strong character. From her dramatic bow flare to the decorative metal rods across her forward main-deck windows, she asserts her presence on the water. In addition, Elaldrea+ employs iridescent accents outside. This alternately camouflages or calls attention to shapes and structures, depending on lighting conditions.

With a 30-foot (9.1-meter) beam, Elaldrea+ provides special experiences inside, too. For example, two wine “cellars” sit in the main-deck galley, ready to complement family celebrations. As much as the saltwater swimming pool on the upper deck is cool, the upper-deck lounge is better. Well, maybe it’s better to say it rivals the pool for fun. The owner requested a tricked-out gaming room to complement the traditional lounge.

Perhaps most notable of all the special places, there’s the beach club. Elaldrea+ is not like most megayachts, whose beach clubs can only be used at anchor. By contrast, her waterside lounge is a fully functional lounge whether the transom is open or closed. It has a skylight and a window in the transom, too. Family and friends can enjoy watching TV in here, grab a drink from the bar, or relax in the sauna.

Speaking of family and friends, Elaldrea+ has six staterooms for 12 people. Naturally, the owner’s suite is forward on the main deck, further featuring a fold-out balcony. Four guest cabins, meanwhile, all sit below decks. Two of those four are VIP suites, while the other two staterooms each include full-size beds along with single beds.

One more interesting special request from the owner: The engineer’s cabin lies near the engine room.

With yet another pool on her sundeck (a freshwater one), Elaldrea+ should see a 4,000-nautical-mile range at 10 knots under MTU power.

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