The Superyacht 6: The 6 Largest Yachts at the Monaco Yacht Show

The annual Monaco Yacht Show begins next week, and megayacht builders, designers, and related companies from 36 countries are making last-minute preparations. Show organizers say that about 100 megayachts will be in the waters of Port Hercule, with 56 percent of them measuring more than 40 meters (131 feet). In this edition of the Superyacht Continue reading

The Superyacht 6: The 6 Largest Concept Yachts for Sale

Lots of creative concept megayacht projects are being shopped around these days. Some are sleek, others traditional, and some are just plain huge. How huge? The megayacht concepts on the following list are all in the 250-foot and up range. These six superyachts are the largest concepts actively for sale, for any owner to bring Continue reading