Canova, Baltic 142, to Play Speed Spoiler With Foil

Should the owner of Canova decide to enter a superyacht regatta, the competition will be in his wake. Thanks to being the first superyacht with a special foil, this Baltic Yachts build could see 25 knots while fully loaded in flat-calm conditions in 25 knots of true wind. Simultaneously, Canova should be a much more Continue reading

Bluewater Baltic 146 Custom Coming in 2021

One year from tomorrow, Baltic Yachts plans to start construction on a new bluewater cruising sloop. The Baltic 146 Custom, which is the moniker for now, will be the third-largest sailing superyacht by volume from the Finnish builder. The 146-footer (44.6-meter) bears styling and naval architecture from a familiar design partner. Judel/Vrolijk & Co. is Continue reading

Mini Y, Baltic 85 Custom, Cruising for English Shores

While her name may be Mini Y, there’s nothing “mini” about this custom sailing superyacht in her owner’s eyes. Newly delivered by Baltic Yachts, the 85-footer (26-meter) is the perfect size for sailing short-handed. In fact, she’s currently making her way from Baltic’s home of Finland to her home port of Southampton, England. According to Baltic Continue reading