The Krazy-Kool Khalilah: Sunday Superyacht Video

One hundred and sixty-one feet (49 meters) of glimmering gold paint make it impossible to miss Khalilah. So does her edgy, audacious styling. Then consider a cruising speed of 27 knots and a sporty, color-coordinated tender. Bottom line, you’ll find it tough to take your attention away. As dramatic as the megayacht is on the Continue reading

Saluzi & Life Butler: 3 Incomparable Charter Experiences Await

Charter-yacht vacations are outstanding in their own right. The charter yacht Saluzi is upping the ante this summer. She’s partnered with a company specializing in one-of-a-kind experiences. Therefore, you can choose among three personal journeys while aboard Saluzi. They’re gastronomic, wellness, or adventure experiences, planned hand in hand with you. Saluzi’s partner in this is Life Continue reading

PHOTO: Facebook

Charter Luxury Yacht Lamima for Charitable Cause

Luxury yacht charter is one of the most exclusive vacation options around. Chartering in a location like Indonesia is even more exclusive. Often, yours is the only yacht around. That seclusion, though, presents challenges for the residents of Sorong, considered a gateway to the famed islands of Raja Ampat. So, the owner of the sailing Continue reading