4 New Charter Yachts Plotting Adventures for 2019

If this is the year you promised yourself you’d do something audacious and exciting, you’re in for a treat. Several new charter yachts are doing the same thing. Some are traveling to destinations about as remote and removed from crowds as you can find. In other cases, they’re chartering in perennially popular ports, but bringing Continue reading

O’Ptasia Strikes Gold for Golden Yachts

The Greek shipyard behind “O” themed megayachts like O’Mega, O’Pari, and O’Neiro has a new launch in its fleet. She’s O’Ptasia, splashed at Golden Yachts, coming in at 278’9” (85 meters). Golden Yachts’ history dates to the mid-1990s. It began as a consulting firm, for the construction of O’Pari. The nearly 130-footer (39.47-meter) saw delivery Continue reading