Be Cyber Aware at Sea, for Attack Awareness: VIDEO

Cyber security isn’t confined to land. In fact, cyber-attacks are impacting superyachts and the superyacht industry. In recent weeks, for example, phishing scams have targeted yacht brokers, involving fraudulent wire-transfer instructions. Last year, hackers held a charter yacht’s onboard computers for ransomware. A new campaign, Be Cyber Aware at Sea, spotlights related real issues at Continue reading

Internet at Sea: Connectivity Issues for Crewmembers

Our addiction to our mobile devices means we text, Tweet, and talk all day long. When it comes to Internet usage aboard megayachts, there’s widespread—and incorrect—assumption that our connection will be fast and consistent everywhere, every time. NSSLGlobal, which provides more than 150 megayachts worldwide with satellite communications services, recently found that nearly 50 percent Continue reading