PHOTO: Guendal Cecovini Amigoni

Sailing Yacht Eos Suffers Fire, No One Injured

yacht Eos e Stazione Marittima

PHOTO: Guendal Cecovini Amigoni

Sad news but also good news: A fire broke out aboard Eos while in Norway this weekend, but the megayacht is not a loss, nor was anyone reportedly hurt.

The 305-foot (92.92-meter) Eos, built by Lürssen in 2006, arrived in Oslo about a week ago. (The photo here shows her in 2007 in Italy.) On Saturday afternoon, while Eos was near the eastern part of the harbor, a fire started. Local reports in Norway did not specify where the fire began. However, they do state that Eos’ crew began attempting to put it out. Once city firefighting personnel arrived, the crew reportedly continued to help.

“Boat fires like this one are difficult and demanding for us,” Nils Kristiansen, acting fire chief on duty at the time, was quoted as saying by the newspaper Aftenposten. “There are lots of small areas and crannies onboard where the fire can spread.”

News reports say the superstructure was damaged and that 18 people were aboard Eos at the time. Police say that none of them, nor any firefighters, were injured. Eos’ owner, Barry Diller, the head of Internet giant InterActive Corp (owner of and more), was also not onboard. The newspaper VG interviewed him later on Saturday. He was quoted as saying the fire was “no problem.” Talk about putting things into perspective: He added that Eos was “just a boat” and that it was more important that no one was injured.

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