Dykstra Naval Architects, Claydon Reeves Create Exo Concept Sloop

What if a superyacht eschewed tradition in favor of far more glass, for far better views of the surroundings as well as the underwater world? That’s the thinking behind the Exo sailing-yacht concept from Dykstra & Partners Naval Architects and Claydon Reeves.

Exo may have dimensions similar to other sailing megayachts, measuring 151 feet (46 meters), with a 29-foot (8.88-meter) beam and draft of 21 feet (6.5 meters). And while her sharp bow may also be familiar, that’s where the similarities end. Take a good look at the aft portion of her profile. Those are two-tiered, huge expanses of windows. As the saloon image in the slideshow below reveals, it makes a tremendous difference for the interior. The windows are further framed by Exo’s carbon fiber structure—her exo-skeleton, if you will—for yet another aesthetic difference. The goal is make guests feel as if they’re looking up through the ribcage of a sea creature.

The word association between Exo and exo-skeleton isn’t an accident. Here’s how Dykstra’s team explains the overall thinking:

“We have brought a more organic and natural approach to this project, inspired by shapes and forms not usually found in traditional yacht design, with its linear form language. The interconnected root structures of large trees seemed like a good starting point as the basis for a yacht. Not only does the long, vertical trunk represent the mast, but the root ball forms the hull, providing strength and the support for the vertical structure.

We also considered the skeletal structure of small but strong creatures. In nature it is the exo-skeleton which provides the ‘chassis’ for these organisms. These exo-skeletons do not employ straight lines, but instead have twisting and turning curves, which imbue the creature with optimal strengththeir forms defined by millions of years of evolution.”

The nature connection doesn’t stop there. Check out the nighttime rendering of the deck in the slideshow. The designers based the caulk lines, which glow in the dark, on the rings inside a tree trunk. And, though it’s hard to see in that same image, the supports for the twin helms “grow” inboard at an angle, like tree branches.

Exo is intended for a total of eight in the owner’s party and seven to eight crewmembers. All interior spaces will be outfitted with woods as well as other natural materials, to strike a contrast against the bold carbon fiber framing.

Dykstra Naval Architects and Claydon Reeves have analyzed the design in terms of load bearing and aver that Exo is indeed buildable. (On a side note, only concept projects approached this way are featured on Megayacht News.)

For further details about the design directly from the design houses, please fill out our contact form.


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