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Project Jupiter Sends Yacht Watchers Into Orbit

UPDATE, JUNE 30, 2017: The real name of Project Jupiter is Al Lusail. Publicly available AIS data reveals she bears the Qatari flag, too.

UPDATE, OCTOBER 28, 2016: Lürssen has released a few details on Project Jupiter. Her LOA is 403’5” (123 meters)  beam is 65’6” (20 meters). The megayacht, set for delivery next spring, is a first-time collaboration between the shipyard, H2 Yacht Design, and the interior-design firm March & White. The latter created a contemporary, eclectic ambiance, adorned with nautical elements and custom finishes. Lürssen terms some of those finisheds “highly innovative.” Project Jupiter additionally has a central atrium that lets natural light filter down through her decks.

Though the owner’s identity remains confidential, Lürssen did drop a significant hint. Project Jupiter “will stun the Hollywood crowd.” particularly due to her “sporty and aggressive” styling. The yard likens it to the owner’s first yacht, too.

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Yacht spotters in Germany are giving the world the first good looks at Project Jupiter. She appeared today in the water outside Lürssen.

Because of confidentiality agreements, the exact length, and other details, for the massive megayacht remain unknown. Last year, in the springtime, sources told us she measured approximately 394 feet (120 meters). That’s when her then-bare-metal structure moved into a completion shed. Today, we understand, that Project Jupiter measures 407 feet (124 meters), although other reports have her slightly smaller.

Something that does seem certain, though, is the yacht’s stylist. Project Jupiter gets her curvaceous looks from H2 Yacht Design. If you follow the studio’s work, you may notice a few familiar eyebrow-like arches. H2 Yacht Design is responsible for the looks of Maryah, completed by a Greek shipyard in 2015. You may also notice stylistic similarities to a concept it created for Fincantieri. That concept, called Mars, is especially noteworthy, since Project Jupiter has several of the same elongated swoops. It’s especially true at approximately amidship along the hull.

Speaking of that area, we particularly like the unusual ports here (or, perhaps we should say, what we assume are ports). There’s a long oval, with two sets of three smaller arcs accentuating it.

We’ll provide more information on Project Jupiter as we learn it.

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