Couach 4400 Fast Fly Set for Fast Cruising

Keeping your customers close can pay off. Couach Yachts is reaping the rewards, having launched its latest megayacht for a longtime client. The yacht is the 4400 Fast Fly.

“Fast” hints at the speeds the all-fiberglass yacht should hit. The 4400 Fast Fly draws largely on the 5000 Fast Fly, which includes two deliveries to date, La Pellegrina and Belongers. Therefore, the 144-footer should hit a top end around 28 knots and a cruise speed around 25 knots. Power comes from twin MTU engines. Lightweight construction, including the use of Aramat, aids in providing the swift speeds. Since speed is not always a priority, the megayacht also should be capable of transatlantic trips, when speed is in the 12-knot range.

Couach 4400 Fast Fly launch

As for the “Fly” part of her model name, the Couach 4400 Fast Fly includes a flying bridge. Sunning, dining, and general good gatherings should take place up there. The shipyard hasn’t revealed the layout of the area, but generally speaking, clients arrange it the way they wish.

Something we do know, however, is that the owner of this yacht chose unusual materials for the interior decor. The predominant wood is oak, paired with metal and metallic finishes. For example, bronze appears throughout the guest areas, along with a metallic resin and acrylic decorative panels with copper inlays. In addition, the interior shows off engraved glass and marble, plus leathers. The shipyard says both the owner and the captain were quite involved in selecting these special treatments.

The owner of this first 4400 Fast Fly should take delivery early in the new year. In the meantime, Couach is putting final engineering together for a handful of new models. To put the yard’s capabilities into perspective, the 5000 Fast Fly series is its largest to date, with an LOA of 164 feet.

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