PHOTO: Nicolas Claris

Couach 4400 Fast Fly Cruising With Committed Customers

Repeat clients of Couach are anticipating their first full summer season aboard their newly delivered yacht. She’s a 4400 Fast Fly, combining features found on other Couach series builds along with personalized touches.

The 4400 Fast Fly is an all-Couach model, meaning all naval architecture, styling, and interior design came from in house. As is tradition for the French yard, the carbon composite construction includes Aramat and Kevlar for additional strength and weight savings. That lends itself well to good speeds, too. (After all, the yacht is called a “Fast” Fly.) Couach says she sees a 24-knot maximum speed and 17-knot cruising speed under MTU power.

For styling and layout, the 4400 Fast Fly borrows cues from the 5000 Fast Fly series. (La Pellegrina and Belongers are the two 5000 Fly deliveries so far.) Jean Yves Corvisier, her project coordinator, even adds, “This yacht benefits from the experience of her two big sisters.” However, she also benefits from her owners’ own ideas. They include a saloon broken up into a handful of relaxation areas. Most unusual, though, is the stateroom arrangement. A full-beam VIP stateroom sits forward on the main deck. There’s yet another guest cabin to starboard on the upper deck. The master, meanwhile, goes below decks, amidships. A double cabin and a double that converts to twins accompany the owners’ stateroom.

Couach 4400 Fast Fly

PHOTO: Nicolas Claris

For decor, the owners selected a mix of metals, wood, and other materials. Bronze, acrylic with copper inlay, and metallic resin appear aboard the 4400 Fast Fly. So, too, do oak, leathers, engraved glass, and engraved marble. As you might expect, several items were created for the yacht herself.

Due to “Fly” in “4400 Fast Fly,” the yacht has a flying bridge for stretching out and enjoying time day or night. Guests get to choose from an aft-facing sunpad fully aft and shaded seating forward, along with a bar. There’s also dining for 10 people between the two zones. Additional alfresco space, for cocktails or sunning, sits on the foredeck.

On a related note, around the same time that Couach delivered this yacht, it celebrated two significant events. In fact, the events occurred the same day: the launch of hull five in the 2300 Fly series, and the one-year anniversary for the CEO, Walter Ceglia.

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