PHOTO: Nicolas Claris

Couach 4400 Fast Fly Cruising With Committed Customers

Repeat clients of Couach are anticipating their first full summer season aboard their newly delivered yacht. She’s a 4400 Fast Fly, combining features found on other Couach series builds along with personalized touches. The 4400 Fast Fly is an all-Couach model, meaning all naval architecture, styling, and interior design came from in house. As is Continue reading

Couach 26M Timeless Collection, 1st of 20 Yachts to Come

Following new management and investments in its infrastructure, Couach is gradually revealing details about its next generation of megayachts. Twenty models spread across five ranges are in the works, most with Espen Øino International. The first of those models: the Couach 26M Timeless Collection. The 85-foot 26M Timeless Collection is a flying-bridge design. She’s one Continue reading

Belongers, 2nd Couach 5000 Fly

About a year and a half after she was ordered, Belongers has become the second Couach 5000 Fly in owners’ hands. The 163’7” (49.9-meter) Belongers boasts the same styling and hull form as the first Couach 5000 Fly, La Pellegrina. Being part of a semi-custom megayacht series, though, she has several notable differences. And they’re Continue reading