Cantiere Rossini Ready for Refits

Nearly two years after investors purchased an existing shipyard in Italy, the site is suited to hosting megayachts of quite a good size. Cantiere Rossini still has more phases to go, but refit work can already begin.

Pesaro, Italy, is home to Cantiere Rossini. The yard gets its name from the famous composer Gioacchino Rossini, born in the city. Rossini penned the music for William Tell and The Barber of Seville. Located in the famed Marche region, the refit facility sits along the Adriatic Coast. The current owners acquired what was formerly Cantiere Navale di Pesaro. The shipyard didn’t address superyachts, though it did have sizable sheds, for commercial and offshore ships. Unfortunatley, Cantiere Navale di Pesaro went bankrupt in 2010. Since the present investors have experience in yachting, they set out to create a service yard.

The Cantiere Rossini team includes Capt. Stewart Parvin, Alfonso Postorino, and Gianluca Devicienti. Parvin is CEO, with a background operating and overseeing the builds of a number of megayachts, as well as commercial craft. Postorino, Cantiere Rossini’s director, ran ISA Yachts’ refit devision in recent years and also previously worked at Benetti. Devicienti, the operation manager, founded Marine Shore Assistance, a yacht agency, several years back.

While Cantiere Rossini already began working on yachts last summer, it completed new docks and other amenities just prior to this summer. New shorepower connections, freshwater supply, and black- and grey-water pumpouts are available. These benefit seven 180-foot (55-meter) megayachts. Furthermore, Cantiere Rossini completed a 328-foot-long (100-meter-long) dock. Here, yachts can tie up while in transit or request some mechanical work aboard.

Since this is the completion of phase one, what do future phases entail? A 600-ton lift and more than 161,459 square feet (15,000 square meters) of hard-standing areas. Two paint sheds. And, of course, amenities to keep crew content while their yacht is on site. They’ll get a gym, a bar, and several apartments.

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