David Seal, YouTube’s Superyacht Star

Video may have killed the radio star, as the old song goes. But these days, it’s launching the careers of dozens, if not hundreds, of music stars. It’s also raising the profile of many a businessperson, including superyacht brokers. In fact, in the yachting world, there’s arguably no one more skilled at leveraging YouTube’s power than David Seal.

Currently a sales broker in the Antibes office of Northrop & Johnson, Seal began using online video about five years ago. His Yachts for Sale channel on YouTube contains dozens of videos he’s shot himself. Seal doesn’t just take you onboard brokerage and charter yachts, however. Furthermore, he doesn’t do the usual (read: boring) walk-through that so many other brokers do. You know, the videos that come off as laundry lists of furnishings and decorations. Rather, Seal has a knack for tapping in directly to what sets each particular yacht apart—and what will grab, and keep, viewers’ attention.

Take, for example, this video of the charter yacht Da Vinci. A Mangusta 165, she’s a slick, speedy yacht ideal for those of you whose idea of relaxation is as much luxurious surroundings as it is a heckuva good party. Seal aptly terms her “the 10,000-hp stress buster” and sets the tone in less than the first two minutes of this eight-minute tour. Eight minutes is more than double the length of what marketing consultants advise for promotional videos, interesting enough. They warn that too long of a video means too few viewers will stay on it. Well, Seal bucks that trend. This video alone has more than 350,000 views, and counting:

Not surprising, Seal gets lots of comments on his videos as a result. As you might imagine, some are of the “wow, that’s cool” nature, while others are, well, snarky. In fact, one viewer of the Da Vinci video mocked the opening sequence. See that, and Seal’s reply:

David Seal yachts for sale YouTube channel capture

Seal could have been snarky in return, or even dismissive. He wasn’t. It’s a big reason why his channel is so popular, and why people frequently ask quite good questions.

In fact, he’s started filming videos solely to answer those questions. Here’s the latest, which captures his personal, and personable, approach so well. You would do well to not just watch it, but also subscribe to his channel. We do, and we look forward to each new upload.

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