Megayacht News Onboard: Cloud 9, by CRN

There are charter yachts, and then there are charter yachts where the owner has thought through even the minutest detail. Cloud 9 certainly falls into the latter category. Having stepped up in yacht size over the years, the owner knows well what appeals to travelers seeking a relaxing, even indulgent, waterborne vacation. Hand in hand with CRN, Zuccon International Project, and Winch Design, he’s created a megayacht to soothe the mind, body, and soul.

CRN Cloud 9 megayacht charter

The main deck aboard many a megayacht welcomes guests. The primary arrival area aboard Cloud 9, however, is a platform-equipped reception room below decks. Imagine arriving at the airport, and the crew taking you via tender out to the yacht’s anchorage. Upon stepping inside, you receive a cool towel and a glass of champagne from the bar. Sit and relax on the settee, and take in the wave-like designs of the oak paneling that envelops you, even overhead. It’s your first hint of the onboard ambiance, highlighted by warm wood and marine shapes and colors.

CRN Cloud 9 megayacht charter

The elevator in the reception area takes you up to the main deck, as well as farther up to the owners’ suite. Do stop at the main deck, though, to peruse the menu of services in the private spa. And we do mean menu. No mere massage area, the spa aboard Cloud 9 lets you choose different body and hair treatments.

CRN Cloud 9 megayacht charter

No megayacht is complete without a beach club. But a two-room beach club? Cloud 9 complements her permanent, oak-paneled lounge with a convertible teak-decked and oak-paneled area just forward. Specifically, the area converts from being the tender bay when the toys are in the water. Those toys, incidentally, are notable as well. They range from PWCs to SeaBobs, paddleboards, pedalboards, a Flyboard, towables, and a waterslide.

CRN Cloud 9 megayacht charter

The on-the-water atmosphere afforded by the beach club continues thematically throughout Cloud 9. The owner requested abundant blues and other aquatic tones. They’re particularly striking here in the upper-deck dining area. Note, too, the wall just behind the art pieces. Hand-painted murals frame the circular dining area.

CRN Cloud 9 megayacht charter

Fit for kings and queens, the six main-deck staterooms and two upper-deck staterooms are serene. (While on charter, Cloud 9 accommodates 12 guests. On private cruises with the owner, she takes 16 people.) This VIP, on the main deck, benefits from alfresco access, too. Further sure to encourage smiles, each cabin bears the name of a major Star Wars character. Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, BB-8, and Princess Leia are just a few.

CRN Cloud 9 megayacht charter

The owner didn’t leave himself out of the Star Wars equation. His stateroom: Yoda (naturally). Nor did he leave himself, or a primary charter guest, out of the pampering. The master suite is part of a private deck comprising 4,306 square feet (400 square meters). This includes an alfresco area for morning coffee.

It may sound cliché, but Cloud 9 truly puts her guests in seventh heaven. It also holds true for her owner. In fact, he took delivery in May and remained aboard straight through late September.

Cloud 9 will charter in the Caribbean this winter, though the central agency of Burgess. Her weekly base rate is $875,000.

Bonus photos: See more in our Cloud 9 gallery. 

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