Ocean 1 Tenders Catching on With More Megayacht Owners

Just shy of a year after delivering its first tender, Ocean 1 Yacht Tenders has hull number four in the water. In addition, it has three more under contract. Its different take on how tenders should look and perform seems to be gaining traction.

Ocean 1 is based on the idea of reimagining RIBs as proper yacht tenders. They blend the properties of inflatable-tube-equipped boats with the benefits of center consoles. The company founder, Capt. Dean Maggio, ran megayachts for about 30 years. Therefore, he had personal experience in assessing what suited specific needs. While most RIBs are nimble and quick, they’re not all that comfortable, especially if seas kick up. Center consoles, on the other hand, provide stability and ergonomics while preserving speed. As a result, the 360 series from Ocean 1 claims a top speed of 64 mph at half load, powered by twin Yamaha F300s. At full load, it should still see 59.5 mph. LOA: 36 feet (11 meters) with the tubes deflated, 37’7” (about 11.5 meters) with them inflated.

Ocean 1 yacht tender Beothuk megayacht

Interestingly, not all Ocean 1 customers intend to use the tenders for guests. The client for hulls six and seven, for example, plans support roles. They’ll have a multi-beam sonar from Furuno, for mapping the ocean bottom. Called the WASSP system, it will send data back to the charting system aboard the owner’s megayachts. Each tender complements a 226-foot (69-meter) Damen yacht support vessel herself. Furthermore, the tenders will be on standby when the owner launches personal subs from each yacht. On a related side note, hulls six and seven mark the third Ocean 1 tenders for this same customer.

Meanwhile, hull number four just hit the water for yet another owner. The tender is accompanying Beothuk (above), which is headed for the Med for the summer.

Regardless of purpose, Ocean 1 tenders each have high bulwarks, keeping spray from impacting passengers. They also have stowage for beach gear, even space for a livewell. And, of course, customers get to choose color schemes for lounge upholstery to match their megayachts if so desired.

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