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Ocean Exploration With Triton Submarines: Sunday Superyacht Video

“You get a sense of cosmic oneness with the ocean and the human family.” That’s how Joe McInnis describes the experience of underwater exploration via a Triton Submarines sub. McInnis is a physician-scientist and deep-sea explorer, famed for becoming the first scientist to dive beneath the North Pole, back in 1974. He’s visited plenty of Continue reading

Aston Martin Dives Deep With Project Neptune Personal Sub

More and more, automotive design and yachting design are coming together. Several megayachts in the water and in build embrace car design cues. You can see these cues in their interiors as well as in their styling. So, why not take those cues one step further, into the must-have watertoys? Aston Martin approached Triton Submarines Continue reading

Owner Doubles Diving Pleasure With 2 Triton Subs

What do you do when you can count the number of people you dive with on more than one hand? Naturally, you commission two personal submersibles from Triton. At least, that’s what one megayacht owner just did. He ordered two Triton 3300/3 subs. The owner’s identity is confidential, as is the name of his yacht. Continue reading