Owner Doubles Diving Pleasure With 2 Triton Subs

What do you do when you can count the number of people you dive with on more than one hand? Naturally, you commission two personal submersibles from Triton. At least, that’s what one megayacht owner just did. He ordered two Triton 3300/3 subs.

The owner’s identity is confidential, as is the name of his yacht. However, he’s a longtime client of Fraser. He’s a repeat yacht buyer as well. Jan Jaap Minnema, one of the Fraser brokers representing him, says the dual purchase was exactly what the owner set out to do. “With two subs, he has the pleasure of diving together with many family members and friends, while at the same time, the safety and redundancy is doubled!”

The Triton 3300/3 sub series is gaining more ground in the megayacht market. In fact, the two units this owner purchased are hulls six and seven. Introduced in 2012, the craft can stay aboard on its own or alongside other watertoys. It measure 13 feet long by nine feet wide (4 meters by 2.74 meters). It further stands eight feet high (2.45 meters). In the water, the sub lets passengers explore at a leisurely 3 knots.

The “3300” in “Triton 3300/3” designates the depth to which the sub can descend, approximately 3,300 feet (1,000 meters). The other numeral designates the number of passengers. Manufactured in Florida, the Triton 3300/3 also has quite a large acrylic facing. The sphere is 84 inches in diameter and 6½ inches thick. When Triton unveiled the sub nearly five years ago, it claimed the dimensions made the sphere the largest and thickest of its kind.

We are delighted to have a customer that has purchased two Triton 3300/3s,” comments L. Bruce Jones, the company’s CEO. “The ability to interact with another submersible underwater provides a fascinating and compelling experience.”

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