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Ocean Exploration With Triton Submarines: Sunday Superyacht Video

“You get a sense of cosmic oneness with the ocean and the human family.” That’s how Joe McInnis describes the experience of underwater exploration via a Triton Submarines sub. McInnis is a physician-scientist and deep-sea explorer, famed for becoming the first scientist to dive beneath the North Pole, back in 1974. He’s visited plenty of depths aboard multiple subs since that time. However, his experience with Triton Submarines is telling. If ever there were an inspirational reason to explore—and protect—the oceans, this is it.

As McInnis describes what lies beneath the surface, stirring imagery keeps you engaged, and fascinated. Even with his own contributions to our global knowledge, much within the ocean remains unknown. As he puts it, the ocean is “vastly mysterious.” Listen, and watch, as he marvels at how submersibles have made it possible “within my lifetime” to start to glean knowledge.

Notably, where Triton Submarines is concerned, McInnis calls attention to how its designs place you within a virtual bubble. Its domes are entirely see-through, from front to back and overhead. This, you’ll hear him say, makes you feel more connected to the sea life around you. It’s almost as if there is no barrier at all, in fact. “It doesn’t get any better,” he enthuses.

Superyacht owners seek personal subs for a variety of reasons. While many buy them for the pleasurable experience, many others loan them to scientist-explorers like McInnis. These craft permit the brightest minds among us to record important data, and discoveries.  

As McInnis says, “The ocean is alive.”

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