Camper & Nicholsons Marinas Bolstering Brazil’s Superyacht Slips

Brazil isn’t a customary spot for megayachts making seasonal rounds, but some owners and crewmembers still enjoy visiting it. Like many popular cruising regions, it has its bustling, vibrant cities and its quiet, low-key anchorages.

Brazil’s profile among the superyacht set is about to get higher, thanks to Camper & Nicholsons Marinas (C&N Marinas). The organization has signed a memorandum of understanding to help grow luxury marinas in the country. And we have exclusive details on the specific locations that will benefit.

The party C&N Marinas is working with is BR Marinas, which has been operating a few marinas in Brazil for some time. It also has more in the planning stages. The goal is to create “C&N Marinas in Brazil,” with each organization achieving key results. C&N Marinas will gain a foothold in and more knowledge of the region. Meanwhile, BR Marinas will gain from C&N Marinas’ international knowledge and marketing abilities. (Some key members of the team are shown here. From left to right, they are Nick Maris, CEO of C&N Marinas; Antonio Carlos Lobato, chairman and founder of BR Marinas; Gabriela Lobato Marins, CEO of BR Marinas; and Klaus Peters, director of new development for BR Marinas.)

After the initial announcement was made last week, we contacted C&N Marinas for further information, as it did not specify where the marinas were located. All sites are around Rio de Janeiro. This includes both the currently operating marinas as well as the ones in development. Two existing BR Marinas properties that can handle large yachts are Marina Verolme and Marina Piratas. Each accommodates 150-footers in the water, with Marina Verolme further able to handle yachts to 100 feet on land. C&N Marinas intends to help expand and improve each facility. For now, both have shops and restaurants, plus dry-stack storage for small boats.

In addition, BR Marinas has two projects in development. The first is Marina Bracuhy, which will accommodate yachts to 100 feet LOA in the water and up to 80 feet on land. It will further feature a hotel and condos. The second project is Marina Porto Buzios, handling yachts to 100 feet in the water; no megayachts will be hauled out of the water. An on-site golf course, hotel, and airport for private planes are in the works, too.

Also as part of the agreement, C&N Marinas and BR Marinas intend to collaborate on a new flagship project. Possible sites are still being identified, with a final decision to be made in a few months. Regardless, C&N Marinas says this marina will also be in the Rio de Janeiro region.

In the meantime, the BR Marinas team is looking forward to the new partnership. Antonio Carlos Lobato says, “Brazil’s continuing economic development has led to an increasing demand for marinas and superyacht facilities. Our customers are also seeking international standards of service. We feel C&N’s unrivalled international experience, and long tradition of excellence, will help us accelerate the delivery of those standards.”

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