January 2012 Motoryacht Video of the Month: CMN’s Cloud 9

The 197-foot (60-meter) Cloud 9, launched by CMN in 2009, is among the outstanding charter yachts available today. From the soothing, light tones of her interior to her sundeck pool, she indulges the senses. Decks are arranged to emphasize both her volume and the views of her surroundings.

The following video gives you a good idea why the owner said the following about her at launch: “Before us you see the reason why all sailing craft are called ‘she.’ Because SHE is beautiful? Those lines, those curves—she is just like a beautiful woman.” He added, “She will travel far and see many things, and yet she will always be home—at sea. Thank you all for being here to see her as she makes her way into the world. She is the Cloud Nine, she is very beautiful indeed—and I love her already.”

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