AB Yachts Splashes Latest AB 140

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Meet the newest AB 140, the flagship in AB Yachts’ lineup of waterjet-powered, swift cruisers.

The semi-custom AB 140 series was introduced several years ago, with the first one launching in 2007. Like her predecessors, the newest AB 140 (her name has not been revealed) has a sleek profile enhanced by eye-shaped ports along her hull and a flying bridge that underscores her purpose as an open-style yacht. Also like her sisters, at just shy of 140 feet (137’8”, or 42 meters), this AB 140 was engineered for light weight and high speeds. A combination of carbon fiber, Kevlar, and fiberglass takes care of the former, while triple 2,600-hp MTUs coupled to three MJP waterjets permit a reported 46-knot top end. The RINA-classed and MCA-compliant megayacht is no slouch at cruising speed, either, achieving a reported 42 knots. With 5,019 gallons (21,000 liters) of fuel, the AB 140 can harbor hop, zip out to the islands for lunch, and more. The 3’9” (1.2-meter) draft allows access to a number of shallow anchorages, too.

For times when on-land excursions are the order of the day, the AB 140 has a 16’4” (5-meter) tender that can ferry everyone ashore. It’s stowed in the transom garage, along with a most unusual “tender” for a megayacht of this size: a car.

Since owners are invited to put their imprint on the interior, the new AB 140 employs oak soles stained and treated to look aged. It’s complemented by lighter-tone wood with a rustic appearance on bulkheads. The overall effect should nicely suite the 26’2” (8-meter) beam.

The decor flows from the saloon down below to the master stateroom, two VIP staterooms, and another guest stateroom. One of the VIPs contains twins that can be pushed together, plus a Pullman. The guest stateroom also has a Pullman. Why have two guest accommodations with Pullmans, rather than creating an extra stand-alone cabin? Because this AB 140 has a gym and sauna below decks, too. The guests and owners can all use it, though the owners also have a private fold-down terrace in their stateroom. You can see the hatch that forms it in the first photo above.

Because the main deck is dedicated to the owners’ and guests’ relaxation, the galley aboard this AB 140 is in the crew’s quarters below decks. The rest of the crew’s quarters, for six, are finished with the same woods as the guest areas.

2 thoughts on “AB Yachts Splashes Latest AB 140

  1. I would still like more than a total of 4 staterooms… 6 at the minimum…8 would be ideal…and to make this extremely perfect… infinity pool and salon walls if glass… I am curious…Kevlar in the building materials…is this strictly used for today’s security measures and what will it actually endure strength wise (should there and could other systems be adapted)…

  2. David, regarding Kevlar: It has been used by several other yacht builders that specialize in composite construction, such as Couach Yachts and even some canoe and sportfisherman manufacturers. It’s not a matter of security; rather, it’s a matter of stiffness (flexing can lead to structural fatigue and in turn failure) as well as impact resistance.

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