PHOTO: Carl Groll/

Amadea, ex-Project Mistral, Handed Over by Lürssen

Striking a pretty profile along Germany’s Kiel Canal, Amadea set off for the first time in her owner’s hands this week. The Lürssen build has been the subject of intense interest since her project name, Mistral, came to light during construction.

Part of that interest stems from her sheer size. While Lürssen hasn’t been permitted to comment to large degree overall on her details, publicly available AIS data puts her LOA at 348 feet (106 meters). That same data reveals Amadea’s beam is 56 feet (17 meters) and volume is 2,999 gross tons.

Lurssen Amadea

PHOTO: Carl Groll/

The handful of facts that Lürssen did reveal, with the owner’s permission, include her construction start date. Keel laying took place in 2013. Amadea, still referred to as project Mistral at the time, hit the water in April of last year. That’s also when the shipyard revealed that styling comes from Espen Øino. In addition, according to Lürssen, the owner has “a fleet of other yachts.”

Getting back to the styling for a moment, the bow of Amadea has a striking detail. When you take a good look at the polished metal, you see a bird with wings spread.

Amadea will join the owner’s other yachts in the Middle East in the coming weeks.

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