Muchos Mas, Crescent 145, Makes Her Way South

PHOTOS: Neil Rabinowitz

Every yacht is much more than a yacht to her owner, right? Maybe that’s why an American christened his Crescent Custom Yachts project Muchos Mas.

Measuring 145 feet (44.2 meters), with a 28’6” (8.7-meter) beam, the megayacht departed an unusually snowy British Columbia this season for the warm waters of Florida. Still en route, she should see an 18-knot cruise when she gets a chance to open up her twin MTUs.

Crescent Custom Yachts Muchos MasStyling and interior design for Muchos Mas is by JQB Design. Her hull bears a silver metallic paint job that, as the images here show, takes on different dramatic tones. Inside, the American design studio combines materials in unusual ways. For example, teak, carbon fiber, and painted surfaces come together in the overheads in some areas.

Full photos for Muchos Mas are not yet completed. Full details about her design aren’t available, either. Suffice it to say that the owner, in customary fashion, wanted tailored touches for 10 total people. (The yacht started construction under a different owner, who reportedly defaulted on payments in 2011. The current owner stepped in to acquire the project, and restart construction, in 2015.) For now, we know that the stateroom configuration follows traditional patterns, with a main-deck master. Nine crewmembers have cabins aboard, too.

Meant for world cruising, Muchos Mas should have no issue accessing some shallow-water areas. Her draft is just shy of seven feet (2.1 meters).

Crescent Custom Yachts started another megayacht while Muchos Mas was still in its sheds. Simply referred to as the Crescent 110, she’s designed by Luiz de Basto Designs. She’s also all aluminum, a first for the Canadian builder.

One thought on “Muchos Mas, Crescent 145, Makes Her Way South

  1. In my opinion it was quite a pleasure helping to build this yacht . Unfortunately the management was unable in keeping the owners interested in overpaying for their yacht . As an employee being underpaid and overworked during the construction. I am happy to see her owners pleased with the outcome . Let’s be clear though . We didn’t complete the project , The owner had it brought to a shipyard in the USA . Congratulations to them.

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