ISA Sport, Classic, and GT Megayachts Get Makeovers

With the revival of ISA Yachts comes a restyling of its models. The Italian yard is collaborating with a fellow Italian firm, Team for Design – Enrico Gobbi, to freshen up the looks of the ISA Sport, Classic, and GT megayachts. Even with this, though, the two companies are keeping the connection to the past.

ISA Yachts delivered 32 yachts under its original ownership. Many of them featured signature ISA elements, like twin stairways rising from the swim platform to the flying bridge. The builder wanted to preserve these distinctive designs, while bringing in new ideas from new partners. The restyling affects the ISA Sport 120 and 140, the Classic 41m, 50m, 57m, and 65m, plus the GT 43m, 50m, 57m, and 67m.

ISA Sport 120

With the ISA Sport 120 (above), for example, you’ll still find those stairs. Likewise, you’ll find the idiosyncratic side arch flowing from the transom to the wheelhouse windows. The design studio stressed the curve even more, however. It also enhanced the big ports on the side decks. Starting with the ISA Sport 120 launching this June, you’ll find 9’8”-long (3-meter-long) ports inset into the arch. In addition, hull recesses make for floor-to-ceiling views from the saloon and master suite.  

Enrico Gobbi says much of the inspiration came from sports cars, to underscore the already muscular styling of the ISA Sport 120. In keeping with tradition, buyers can customize the interior. Gobbi has a proposal showing pale woods and stainless steel accents, to heighten the sense of brightness.

ISA 50 Classic

The ISA Classic 50 (above) is the first of the Classic range getting the makeover. Here, too, you’ll find the signature arch, plus enlarged ports. The 164-foot trideck has floor-to-ceiling glass in the master suite, with hull cutouts augmenting the views. Gobbi says he wanted to emphasize the sleekness and length of the yacht. He does so via ports with “sinuous shapes…outlined by tense curves.”

The alfresco areas you’d expect to find aboard a model termed Classic remain. They include a shaded, 56-foot-long (17-meter-long) sundeck, flanked by the tops of the glass-inset arches. (These glass insets will go on all Classic megayachts, by the way.) Forward on this deck, you’ll also find a hot tub. As for the interior, again, owners can tailor it as they so wish. Gobbi proposes contrasting rich Canaletto walnut with lime wood, and other plays on dark and light tones. He also proposes playing with light outside, particularly to draw attention to the Classic’s lines come nighttime.


Finally, with the ISA GT 67 (above), much of the inspiration comes from the slightly smaller ISA Okto. The first ISA GT 67, set for launch in 2019, has abundant car influences. “The volume of the superstructure is purposely drawn back to imitate the proportions and extended front hood of a large sports coupe,” Gobbi explains. Additional dominant designs include abundant floor-to-ceiling glass on two decks and a glass-faced infinity pool on the aft deck (top).

Speaking of glass, the ISA GT 67 has a glass-enclosed area on the flying bridge. It’s likely going to be a gym on hull number one, which will also have five guest staterooms accompany a balcony-equipped master. Rich wenge and paler ivory maple wood set a contemporary scene, as do multiple marbles and stainless steel.

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