Oh-Mega: Omega 41 Tender for Megayachts

A 43-foot (13.2-meter) RIB—and one as a luxury performance tender? Technohull, the Greece-based RIB manufacturer, sees strong attraction to this approach. It combines the thrills of a chase boat with the semi-custom outfitting choices of a luxury guest shuttle in the Omega 41. Furthermore, with promised speeds upwards of 50 mph, the Omega 41 promises boatloads of fun.

Technohull builds all of its own RIBs, employing composite construction, though carbon fiber composite is optional. By offering luxury touches like teak and an optional sunpad, along with shock-absorbing seats, the Omega 41 makes it clear this is not a typical RIB. In fact, you can even request solar panels on the T-top, to power the craft’s electronics. In addition, handy for long afternoons of cove hopping, Technohull can install a sink and a cooktop. Speaking of handy, the center console contains a head, too.

Technohull Omega 41 megayacht tender

To fit the performance aspect, the Omega 41 has a stepped, deep-V hull. A variety of engine options are at your disposal. Due to the LOA, you might imagine inboards are the only way to go. However, Technohull recently decided to offer outboards as well. (The Omega 41 has been available for a while, but not with outboards.) Better yet, you can select either triple 350-hp outboards or triple 400-hp outboards. On an interesting side note, Technohull is looking into a quadruple-outboard possibility, for hard-core thrill-seekers.

With the current outboard choices, the Omega 41 reportedly can cruise at 50 mph and hit a maximum 80 mph, depending on load and sea conditions. For life in a slightly slower lane, you can select the inboard configuration. Technohull says the RIB still sees a top end around 65 mph with either twin 350-hp or 400-hp engines. Furthermore, they reportedly permit cruising speeds around 45 mph.

Technohull has already sold one of the flagship RIBs to the owner of Ouranos, who cruises the Med.

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