Super Deal for Superyachts in Ibiza & Barcelona

Superyacht slips are at a shortage of supply in comparison to demand in parts of the Med. As a result, two marinas are collaborating to make customers’ experiences easier, straight through next summer. They’re OneOcean Port Vell in Barcelona, and Sovren Ibiza in Ibiza.

Through a choice of three packages, you’re guaranteed a summer slip in Ibiza and a winter berth in Barcelona. Which one you select depends on your cruising plans. For example, if you’ve never visited Spain, or if you have multiple Med stops planned, consider the three-month package. That puts you at Sovren Ibiza for high season and OneOcean Port Vell for the offseason shortly thereafter. At the other extreme, there’s a 12-month package. This suits those of you who spend abundant time in the Med, even those of you who may opt for refits there. The third package is more of a midway option: nine months. Whatever you select, Sovren Ibiza and OneOcean Port Vell can accommodate you starting this very summer.

So, why are the properties working together? Stephen White, founder and CEO of Sovren House Group explains, “The two marinas have a unique synergy that make the summer and winter berth packages a natural and logical combination.” OneOcean Port Vell is well-known, attracting several superyachts for year-round slips. It has 150 total berths, catering to even the world’s largest yachts. Particularly noteworthy, it’s a TPA-tax-free area. This VAT exclusion is usually available just to yachts in shipyards—say, undergoing maintenance or refit. Minor work is permissible at OneOcean Port Vell. In addition, the marina has a restaurant, members-only OneOcean Club, crew lounge, concierge, and more.

Sovren Ibiza, meanwhile, is brand new. Illustrated above, it has 16 berths for megayachts starting at 197 feet (60 meters), in the heart of Ibiza Town. The marina is about a 15-minute drive from the local airport, and can assist with private transfers. A concierge is also on site. Furthermore, next year, Sovren Ibiza plans to open a 6,458-square-foot (600-square-meter) building housing more services.

Packages are limited to a first-come, first-served basis.


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