54M Baglietto Tested for American Client

Baglietto has built several few long-range motoryachts for clients in recent years. Even though each is custom, some have had similar full-displacement hull designs, since the owners were looking for similar performance. An American looking for something different, though, recently commissioned hull #10231. Her name and many aspects of her overall design are confidential for now, unfortunately. That even includes an illustration of her profile. However, the few public facts make this 54M Baglietto interesting to watch.

For instance, the owner wanted a full-displacement megayacht. In a sense, that makes her similar to Unicorn, pictured, which Baglietto delivered last year. But, the big difference is, the new 54M Baglietto features all-aluminum yacht construction. It’s far more common to see steel hulls for projects like this. (In fact, Unicorn has one.)

54M Baglietto megayacht hull 10231 tank test

As you would expect, the owner wanted to prioritize the yacht’s cruising comfort as much as her range when it came to performance. Baglietto’s in-house technical department designed the hull. It determined that a beam of 34 feet (10.4 meters) and draft of 8’5” (2.6-meter) would help fulfill both requests. But, it still wanted to test out the hull design. As much as sophisticated software allows naval architects to calculate speeds and reactions to sea conditions, tank tests remain important, too.

The photo above shows the first tank tests for the 54M Baglietto. The yacht builder worked with a specialist in Rome to conduct towing tests as well as self-propulsion tests. The results of the test are not being publicized by Baglietto. However, Riccardo Quasso, the head of its technical department, does say, “We want to reduce all possible flaws by collecting as much precise data as possible.” The goal is for the 54M Baglietto to cruise at 12 knots and see a range of 4,500 nautical miles at that same speed.

Tests and analysis are ongoing. The megayacht sees delivery in 2020.

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