Rock Your Boat—the Good Way—With James Loudspeaker

Good times with good friends call for good music. The trouble is, not all stereo systems are equal. It’s especially true for outdoor applications. Sound reacts differently when there aren’t four walls, a ceiling, and a floor from which to reflect off. There’s also a dramatic difference when you consider the outside environment aboard a megayacht is, well, the entire outdoors. It’s salty, too. Enter James Loudspeaker and Videoworks

James Loudspeaker is a California company that specializes in outdoor entertainment solutions. It’s been working with owners of fine homes as well as yacht owners for a while. So, when we learned that Videoworks, the yachting A/V specialist, just started offering its speakers and subwoofers, we knew we had to educate you, our readers.

We do just that in the April edition of the newsletter. We tell you about some of the newest James Loudspeaker offerings. Furthermore, we tell you how they’re different from other outdoor stereo equipment.

We also tell you in the newsletter about the special anniversary party that Pacific Asian Enterprises, parent company of Nordhavn, is throwing this month. Believe it or not, the company is now 40 years old. In addition, we update you on the major beach cleanup that Fraser Yachts organized in the South of France last month. More than 100 people, including staff of competing brokerage houses, pitched in. Finally, in an update to our feature on 5 reasons Norway is rising for luxury yacht vacations, we share new details about the hillside farm Skåri Høgdegard, which superyacht owners and guests have visited.

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