Amarula Sun Shows Off Charter Fun: Sunday Superyacht Video

No matter where you go on vacation, one thing is clear: You want to have fun. It’s hard not to have fun on a megayacht charter. Hot tubs await, for sure, as do movie lounges, spas, and of course watertoys. The trouble with some megayacht charter videos, however, is that you don’t really see the abundance of entertainment and enjoyment awaiting you. Well, you do see the tenders, and maybe bubbling water in the tub up on deck. But that’s not the same as someone jumping out of a helicopter to make a splash, literally, before indulging in other adrenaline-charged fun. That’s how Amarula Sun entices you into a week’s charter aboard, in this video.

The 164-foot (49.99-meter) Amarula Sun has enticed many a charter party over the years. Her crew knows just how to get you in the relaxation mood, too, by offering you a frozen concoction from the frozen-drink maker in the saloon. Better yet, though, they love to teach young and young at heart alike how to use the toys.

As for those toys, Amarula Sun has a JetLev flying board, as well as flying pack. See if you can replicate some of the moves in the video. Dive beneath the waves with one of the SeaBobs. Go fishing with the crew on the Bahama Boatworks tender—all 41 feet (12.49 meters) of her. If you catch something, the chef can cook it up that night. Lest we forget, Amarula Sun has an inflatable slide, sending you flying from her top deck straight into the water.

All that’s left to do at the end of the day is toast to the good fun you had—and additional good fun the rest of your trip.

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