Ngoni: The Beauty in the Beast

PHOTOS: Breed Media The story behind Ngoni is now well-familiar. The owner told Royal Huisman and Dubois Naval Architects he wanted a “beast” of a performer. Fast and furious. Edgy. A weapon. He used all of these terms, and more, to describe the sailing superyacht that became this 190-footer (58-meter). He challenged them, even pushed Continue reading

Sailing Superyacht Ngoni in Action, and Teaching Role

Rare is the yacht video that teaches you something while you’re watching. This is one of them. Rather than just show off the sleek lines of Ngoni, Royal Huisman tells the story behind her build, in what’s more like a mini documentary. By now, the initial story behind Ngoni is well known. The owner’s brief Continue reading

Ngoni, “The Beast,” Bears Down on Launch: VIDEO

“Build me a beast. Don’t build me a wolf in sheep’s clothing. This has to be an edgy and innovative weapon; fast and furious.” The owner of Ngoni uttered these words upon signing a contract with Royal Huisman about three years ago. Interesting enough, that came about seven years after the two first began to Continue reading