Hull 1015 Super Sportfish Shaping Up: Slideshow

A little over two years since her owner signed the contract, Hull 1015 is looking more like a proper fishing machine. The 127-foot (38.7-meter) is marking her last construction stages at New Zealand’s Yachting Developments. With delivery coming later this year, Hull 1015 is the world’s largest all-carbon-fiber sportfisherman. The owner was firm in wanting Continue reading

PHOTO: Matt Crawford

Cygnus Montanus, by Yachting Developments: Gallery

Plenty of owners step up to bigger boats. Not so many, though, plan to do so while sharing the wheel with their crew. There was never any other thought for the owners of Cygnus Montanus, who, with their family members, are seasoned bluewater cruisers. Their recent delivery from Yachting Developments is made for easy, shared Continue reading