PHOTO: Facebook/Dutch Yachting

Bravo! Project Bravo, Oceanco Y718, Emerges

It’s a busy new year so far for Oceanco. Hull numbers Y712 (a.k.a. Project Solar) and Y715 are undergoing sea trials. Project Jubilee, also known as Y714, at launched earlier this month. At 361 feet (110 meters), she’s the largest private yacht built in The Netherlands. Now, just last evening, Y718 floated out of her construction shed. She also goes by the name Project Bravo.

The yacht-watching community was up late last night watching Project Bravo’s technical launch. As the close-ups here show, her frame is quite commanding. Her length is equally impressive, and longer than some of us in the media originally thought. For several months, most magazines and websites have noted it as 344 feet (105 meters). However, Project Bravo is more likely 358 feet (109 meters).

Regardless, according to Dutch Yachting, a social-media community that promotes the country’s builds, Project Bravo touched the water around 7 o’clock. Six hours later, she arrived at Oceanco’s Alblasserdam headquarters. She slipped into a drydock there. It may be tough to tell due to the evening darkness, but Project Bravo has a vertical hull.

Oceanco Y718 Project Bravo

PHOTO: Facebook/Dutch Yachting

That hull, and the rest of her styling, is by Nuvolari-Lenard. If you’re a fan of the studio, you’ll recall a few Oceancos featuring its work. In fact, Project Solar is among them. The interior of Project Bravo, meanwhile, comes from Reymond Langton Design. Best estimates are that accommodations for 14 or more guests are included.

Though hard to tell in these nighttime photos, Project Bravo is a long way from completion. A technical launch is not the same as the formal launch. Yachts are at dramatically different stages at each point. A technical launch certainly involves ensuring the yacht floats on her lines properly. But, it’s more of a move to get her ready for outfitting. A yacht does not yet have all systems, and definitely no interior, at the technical launch stage.

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