Mystique Offers “Farm to Table” Experience Afloat

The farm-to-table trend is sweeping the restaurant world. Now it’s come to the megayacht world. Well, it will, if you commission Mystique, designed by Gill Schmid Design for build at Döerries Yachts. Meant for tropical and polar travel alike, Mystique proposes something no other megayacht does: a hydroponic garden for your chef, and your dinners.

The 251-foot (76.5-meter) Mystique picks up on the growing desire for craft to go well beyond the customary cruising destinations. That explains the steel hull engineered to meet classification standards for navigating in ice. In addition, it explains the amphibious aircraft and submarines (yes, plural) among the toys aboard. Gill Schmid Design and Döerries Yachts spent some time studying how best to accommodate, specifically, an Icon aircraft and Triton subs. They also plan Mystique to carry a dive boat, a sailing catamaran, a speedboat, PWCs, a limo tender, and an extra luxury tender. The teams didn’t forget about a helicopter, either. Mystique can also have a heli hangar if you so wish.

Gill Schmid Design Mystique megayacht concept for Dorries Yachts

Regardless, flexible areas are aboard the 43-foot-beam (13-meter-beam) boat as well. The helipad, for example, can transform into a dance floor, even a basketball court. A pool aft of the rugged deckhouse can become a tender-stowage area, too. It’s possible by draining the water and lowering the pool floor. Clearly, Gill Schmid Design and Döerries Yachts imagine an owner’s party that defines “adventure” in multiple ways.

That owner’s party comprises 14 people, accommodated in six guest suites and the master suite. You get an entire alfresco area to yourself, too. As for crew, 25 hands ensure Mystique navigates the oceans of the world safely.

Gill Schmid Design Mystique megayacht concept for Dorries Yachts

As much as all of this warrants attention, it’s the “OceanFarm,” as Gill Schmid Design calls it, that really makes Mystique different. To be clear, it’s optional. However, if you consider yourself a foodie, surely you’ll want to have it. The OceanFarm is an area dedicated to growing herbs and other edibles in nutrient-rich water, aided by solar panels. Furthermore, the “farm” can feature other sustainable foods. In fact, Gill Schmid Design envisions tanks for keeping fish fresh. If you’re really into food, the OceanFarm includes a lab-like area for your chef to try things like molecular gastronomy. (Molecular gastronomy is a type of food science, in which chefs explore the physical and chemical aspects of ingredients, and how those aspects change when cooking.) Add a chef’s table where you and guests can enjoy it all up close and personal, and Mystique becomes a globetrotting gastronomical delight.

All that’s left to do is work off the calories in the gym, or enjoy a swim off the beach club. (The beach club rises two decks high, by the way.) Though there’s nothing “standard” about Mystique, other standard allures include hot tubs, a spa, and, of course, abundant indoor-outdoor areas for lounging and dining.

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