Project Cosmos and the Fibonacci Sequence: New Interior Details

What does a mathematical series have to do with megayacht interior design? Suffice it to say that the Fibonacci sequence plays a role in how Project Cosmos will look come delivery in 2022. Set to be the world’s largest all-aluminum yacht with conventional power, this Heesen will feature interior design by Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design. Here, we’re giving you a sampling of what’s in store.

Project Cosmos, announced in March, originally was to feature interior design by Winch Design. The UK-based studio is still working on the megayacht, though, responsible for styling. Doing so is quite a feather in its cap, considering Project Cosmos is thus far the largest Heesen under contract. LOA is 262’7” (80.07 meters). She’s also set to be quite voluminous, at 1,700 gross tons. The sleek styling from Winch Design complements the swift speeds she should boast, too. Heesen anticipates a maximum end of 29 knots, with four MTUs.

Project Cosmos megayacht Heesen Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design

Numbers and calculations play a role inside Project Cosmos, too. As mentioned above, a mathematical series, specifically the Fibonacci sequence, sets the foundation for the interior. The Fibonacci sequence is a series of numbers in which every numeral following the initial two numbers is actually the sum of the previous two numbers. (An example: 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8.) Unfortunately, there’s no thorough explanation just yet of how the Fibonacci sequence is applied here. But, perhaps it influences the dimensions and/or patterns found aboard.

As for the patterns, Project Cosmos will show off strong, graphic lines. You’ll find it in unusual materials, such as straw marquetry. You’ll also find the lines framing that straw marquetry, as well as glass and backlit onyx. All three of these materials play significant roles in the decor. So, too, does a variety of wood, especially in the custom furnishings. The woods combine with more glass, along with marble and metal. Overall, Sinot Exclusive Yacht Design and the owners of Project Cosmos want uncluttered architecture.

That uncluttered appeal will flow from the VIP suite on the bridge deck to the four guest staterooms below decks. It will also characterize the glass elevator taking guests from their cabins to the sundeck, as well as the spiral stairway doing the same.

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