MasterCraft X24, for Wake-Surfing Superyacht Guests

The X-series sportboats from MasterCraft are catching on more and more with adventure-oriented superyacht owners. In fact, the MasterCraft Boats UK division, which handles international sales of them as superyacht tenders, sees strong potential for the newest addition. The MasterCraft X24 will please wake-surfing guests, as well as the crew who take them out.

The boat employs a new surf-specific hull design and the builder’s proprietary wake-shaping Gen 2 Surf System. This results in wakes your crew can tailor to each person’s abilities and desires. Better yet, your crew can ready the boat for action pretty quickly. The MasterCraft X24, measuring 24’2” (7.3 meters), has a rapid-fill ballast system. Specifically, the company claims the tanks fill in less than three minutes. Furthermore, the X24 has what MasterCraft calls the Switchback Ballast Tank. In brief, the fully filled tank shifts the balance from side to side, to suit your guests’ preference.

In terms of those guests, the MasterCraft X24 can handle quite a crowd. Eighteen passengers can spread out comfortably aboard. A few people, for instance, can enjoy the bow seating. Most, though, can occupy the primary area, the U-shape seating aft of the helm. However, you can add a transom lounge as well, if you so wish. A little more than seven feet (2.2 meters) of interior beam is at your disposal. (For comparison, from outer edge to outer edge, the X24 measures 8’5”, or 2.59 meters.)

Of course, lots of guests often mean lots of gear. Therefore, for stowage, you get 106 cubic feet (3 cubic meters), some of which goes in compartments above the ballast tanks. The swiveling racks, meanwhile, can hold eight boards.

As with the other MasterCraft boats marketed as tenders, customization is available. This includes the installation of lifting points, cushion and hull colors, and more. In addition, the tenders division team can assess your yacht’s garage to determine how best to launch and retrieve the boat.

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