AlfaRosso Explorer, by CRN and Francesco Paszkowski

Thirty-five years after it built its first explorer yacht, CRN has another explorer proposal to entice clients. The AlfaRosso concept, adaptable to multiple LOAs, comes from a creative collaboration with Francesco Paszkowski Design. “Creative” is the operative word. While AlfaRosso reflects rugged good looks, she also reflects more of the luxury elements and amenities that today’s cruisers crave.

To suit multiple tastes and cruising needs, the design and build teams decided to offer three LOAs. They are 45, 50, and 55 meters (148, 164, and 180 feet, respectively). The smallest, depicted above, further falls beneath the 500-gross-ton threshold. Regardless of length, AlfaRosso will take owners and guests to far-flung regions, as remote or as popular as you so wish. Simultaneously, the design invites you to enjoy the scenery from as many places inside as out on wide-open decks.

As mentioned, explorer yachts aren’t new for CRN. F100, measuring 108 feet (32.9 meters), launched in 1983—well before the concept took hold in the marketplace. The owner, Gianni Agnelli, the head of Fiat, commissioned the late designer Gerhard Gilgenast to design her, for long cruises in a variety of weather. She was a dramatic departure from the common notion of a luxury yacht.

With AlfaRosso, CRN makes yet another departure in style and usage. Specifically, the aft lower deck can still function as a beach club, or another guest-centric space. Some of the more adventure-driven expedition yacht concepts don’t have beach clubs. Instead, they anticipate you’ll relax up higher, and therefore devote this lower area to crew-oriented tech rooms. Sometimes, they even devote the area to toys. By contrast, AlfaRosso keeps her toys in a bow compartment.

Featuring swimming pools on aft upper decks, along with full-height glass lining the superstructure, AlfaRosso invites cruisers to indulge in customary yachting life. To keep a sense of continuity, though, with her rugged profile, Francesco Paszkowski Design envisions a relatively minimal interior. Clean, crisp lines characterize the floating stairs connecting the decks, for example. The megayacht additionally has teak soles, to underscore the inside-outside connection. In sum, in combination with open, airy rooms, AlfaRosso has “a sense of gossamer lightness,” according to Francesco Paszkowski himself.

CRN and the design studio will develop the concept further with interested customers.

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