Water Revolution Foundation Outlines 5 Strategic Actions

Following its launch last year, the non-profit Water Revolution Foundation is focusing attention on five key activities. The organization believes these will make a positive difference for the yachting industry’s environmental footprint.

Established last fall, Water Revolution Foundation aims to change yachting’s image. It’s an initiative for the yachting industry, by the yachting industry. The organization wishes to help the industry reduce its environmental impact. Therefore, ocean conservation and protection are priorities. The founders include Henk de Vries III of Feadship, Philippe Briand of Philippe Briand Design, and Vienna Eleuteri of the Eulabor Institute, a research organization focused on sustainability.

At the time, the foundation revealed it would emphasize sustainability practices and pioneering technology. It was not, though, yet ready to reveal specifics. Now, however, the organization is elaborating. For example, Water Revolution Foundation wishes to serve as a resource for finding and promoting sustainable solutions and groundbreaking technology. It also will launch a software tool, with scientific input. This will analyze yacht systems, designs, and completed yachts for their environmental impact. In addition, it wants to create a type of open-source sustainability culture in yachting. Under this, companies will share discoveries and information. Fourth, the foundation plans to create sustainability educational courses. And, finally, it will monitor successful, strong-impact ocean-conservation projects, in anticipation of reporting back to the industry. Here, the idea is to encourage support.

In related news, Water Revolution Foundation is receiving outside support. Dan Lenard, co-founding partner of the design studio Nuvolari Lenard, is currently sailing across the Atlantic to raise awareness of ocean pollution. He’s doing so aboard a sailboat, with no engine or electronics for assistance. Lenard, who named the initiative Vela Code, believes “this purity of sailing” is the best way “to highlight the plight of the seas.” Interested parties can donate to Water Revolution Foundation via the Vela Code website.

Interested parties can also join the Water Revolution Foundation efforts, via its own website.

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