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Spectacular Superyachts: Inspired Interiors Book for Yacht Lovers

If you’ve never stepped aboard Sherakhan, the famed charter yacht, you can do so through Spectacular Superyachts: Inspired Interiors. Her 23-foot-high (7-meter-high) dining atrium greets you on the cover of this new coffee table book. Written by our own Diane M. Byrne, not only does the book take you aboard this impressive yacht, but it also lets you virtually experience 20 other superb superyachts whose interior designs are among the best around.

Published by Superyacht Storytellers,’s sister company, Spectacular Superyachts: Inspired Interiors is Byrne’s first book, something she has wanted to do for some time. “In the 25 years I’ve spent covering superyachts, I’ve toured hundreds of yachts of all shapes and sizes,” she explains. “Whether subdued in decor or supremely over the top, each and every one of them has a story to tell. The 21 yachts in Spectacular Superyachts: Inspired Interiors are among the best storytellers around, so I wanted to share their stories in a unified way.”

Spectacular Superyachts Inspired Interiors book cover Superyacht Storytellers

One-third of the yachts in the book are among the world’s 100 largest yachts. Specifically, those stand-out yachts are Aquijo, Aquila, Aviva, Christina O, Kismet, Maltese Falcon, and Quattroelle. In addition, two of the latter—namely Aviva and Christina O—are among the 50 largest privately owned yachts. Regardless of yacht size, 140 pages and more than 120 photos showcase them. Some images span the width of the book, too. (The book measures 11 inches by 12 inches, so the width is nearly two feet when fully opened.)

Some of what you’ll see includes:

  • the impressive piano bar lounge aboard Kismet (top), sitting within a two-deck atrium; sweeping staircases and an eye-catching Art Deco-inspired railing are within the atrium, too
  • more than 850 pieces of hand-blown glass comprising an extraordinary chandelier cascading through the main stairway aboard Aquila
  • hand-carved barstools, bedframes, decorative paneling, and even door hinges aboard Dunia Baru, an authentic Indonesian phinisi that took eight years to build—all from wood
  • art, fashion, and music influences in the design of Pink Gin VI, the world’s largest carbon fiber sloop.

Spectacular Superyachts: Inspired Interiors has a limited-edition print run of 100 copies. Order yours through the Superyacht Storytellers’ website

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