Cantiere delle Marche Expands to USA, Adds After-Sales Service

It’s still a new megayacht builder, but Cantiere delle Marche is convinced its mix of leisure and expedition yachts will meet with success on a global scale. Cantiere delle Marche has signed Worth Avenue Yachts as its North and South American representative, in addition to other brokers for other regions spanning Europe to China. The yacht builder is further offering 24-hour customer service to its clients and their crew through a deal with Sailornet.

Located in Ancona, Italy, Cantiere delle Marche was founded in the summer of 2010. The owners and management team are well experienced in both the commercial shipbuilding industry and the yachting industry. Steel and aluminum are the materials of choice. A variety of components, ranging from carpentry to piping, are made by its sister companies. Furthermore, while Cantiere delle Marche will work with any naval-architecture and interior-design team, it presently offers two megayacht series, from Hydro Tec and Nauta Yachts, respectively.

The Hydro Tec series is the Darwin Class series, comprising 86-, 95-, and 105-foot models. (The Darwin Class 86 is pictured above.) All bear the distinctive styling of an expedition yacht. Sergio Cutolo, head of Hydro Tec, says the directive was to improve interior spaces and related volume, including those for technical areas, while preserving the strong nautical character. Meanwhile, the Nauta Design series is termed Nauta Air. Featuring 80-, 96-, and 115-footers, the megayachts mix traditional yacht styling with more shippy styling. They also emphasize indoor areas that flow out to nearly equal-sized alfresco areas.

Regardless of what megayacht a client buyers, Cantiere della Marche is now offering the Yachting Card Cantiere delle Marche, courtesy of Sailornet. Founded in 2002, Sailornet specializes in providing information and support services to boaters. By having the Yachting Card, clients of the shipyard can tap weather-routing expertise, troubleshooting assistance, and other help around the clock throughout the Med and the United States. The assistance extends to crew-related problems and even health emergencies. On a happier note, Yachting Card clients can also request information on leisure activities related to a port they’ll be visiting.

For further information about the Darwin Class series or Nauta Air series directly from Cantiere delle Marche and Worth Avenue Yachts, please fill out our contact form.

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