Ocean Alexander 82 Sets Speed Record

Ocean Alexander achieved an all-time-high speed record during the sea trial of its redesigned Ocean Alexander 82—but the back story is just as important as the 28-knot reported top end.

When yacht and megayacht builders tout impressive top speeds, sometimes you need to read the fine print. If you do, you may find that the sea trial was conducted with half-full fuel tanks, little to no water, and only a few people onboard. While not dishonest, it’s also not realistic compared to the conditions that buyers typically operate under.

By contrast, Ocean Alexander practically shouted the sea-trial conditions for the Ocean Alexander 82 from the rooftops. Specifically, the megayacht left the dock with 70 percent fuel, 100 percent water, and 11 people onboard. Translation: a healthy, real-world load.

Also consider the 28-knot top end, with twin 1,920-hp MTUs, was better than the low- to mid-20-knot range that the Ocean Alexander 80 typically saw. (The 82 has an extended cockpit in comparison to the 80.) In case you’re curious how quickly she accelerated, Ocean Alexander says it took 29 seconds. Furthermore, two best-cruise speed and range combinations should be achievable. The first: 18½ knots, with the engines turning 1800 rpm, and 471 nautical miles. The second: 21.1 knots, with the engines turning 2000 rpm, and 409 nautical miles. (Maximum rpm is 2447 rpm.)

Ocean Alexander was able to set the new speed for the 82 thanks to weight savings during construction. Aluminum beams, aluminum honeycomb backing, composites commonly used in the aerospace and wind-turbine industries, and more helped. So, too, did redesigning the underwater exhausts and through-hull installations to reduce drag.

As for creature comforts, the Ocean Alexander 82 still includes alfresco dining overlooking the cockpit, plus accommodations for six in the owner’s party and two to three crewmembers. The yacht also has two helm stations (indoor and outdoor), plus an open flying bridge with seating and dining space.

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