K-Series’ K47 Taxila Springs From Fresh, Young Designers

A trio of Italian twentysomethings studying for their master’s degree in boat design has done more than complete their thesis. They’ve inspired Floating Life to offer a new megayacht, the K47 Taxila. Although based on an existing semi-custom series, the yacht offers alternate thinking in terms of layout and operations.

The K47 Taxila, measuring 154 feet (47 meters), came about unusually. Federica Fino, Alberto Frulla, and Francesco Viola (below) were pursuing their master’s degree in the Naval and Nautical Design program at the University of Genoa and the Politecnico di Milano. They approached Floating Life’s CEO, Andrea Pezzini, to request permission to use an existing hull. They liked how the company prioritized charter, management, logistics, and other related matters, and wanted to take the concepts farther. Pezzini recommended using the 148-foot (45-meter) K45, since it could “grow” to 47 meters.

K47 Taxila megayacht Studio Satura

The K45 is part of the K-Series, offering tested hulls with custom profiles. Clients select the shipyard, plus can tailor the interior. Floating Life further handles project management during the build and all logistics for owners after delivery. The three students came up with their own styling as well as interior arrangement. Pezzini, meanwhile, provided feedback and technical assistance.

Not only is he delighted with the collaboration, but Floating Life clients are, too. “We have already shown it to potential owners, who found it very interesting indeed,” Pezzini explains. He credits their “fresh yet sophisticated touch,” which in turn led to seeing “solutins from a whole new perspective.”

That perspective includes a few notable design elements. For instance, the K47 Taxila contains just one saloon, on the upper deck (top). It makes the ocean the focal point, too, rather than a television or other aspect inside. Similarly different geometry flows throughout the megayacht. Furthermore, the neutral-tone luxury materials and arrangements all emphasize simpler routine maintenance. This, the trio emphasizes, aids the crew’s job of turning around the yacht between charters.

K47 Taxila megayacht

Simultaneously, though, the K47 Taxila provides owners and guests with the elements they expect. For example, large windows line the superstructure, and they eliminated unnecessary partitions. The megayacht has plenty of open alfresco spaces, too. These include the glass-bottomed pool occupying much of the aft deck. The glass bottom brightens the beach club, adjoining a gym and spa as well. Overall, the K47 Taxila adapts to the needs of 12 passengers and 11 crewmembers.

“I found working with them very interesting,” Pezzini adds. “I even put them in contact with my children so they could keep collaborating. Together, they represent the future of both yacht design and Floating Life.” For the students’ part, they co-founded Studio Satura, to continue professionally. They’re already working with a few Italian shipyards as well.

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